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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More from the Help! Mom! Mailbag

As Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! continues to energize some people while ticking others off severely, we of course continue to get lots of mail on the subject. Let's go to the mailbag and see what our more "progressive" brethren, or what the Brits call "The Great and the Good," have to say...

How can you call your website a family website, yet write books specifically for your own political agenda? Kids should decide for themselves what they believe in, they shouldn't have propaganda of any type (liberal or conservative) presented to them in a book like yours. Because they are not old enough to understand the issues, you are giving them your opinions with no concern for their integrity or feelings.

I think you will agree with me in acknowledging the horrible political division that now characterizes our country. Don't you hope that some day the "evil liberals" will be able to agree with you on things? Don't you hope that someday, somehow, every piece of legislation the Republicans pass doesn't upset your fellow countrymen, and vice versa? By planting your ideas in youth, you are taking away from their posibilities of breaking through the barriers now set between conservatives and liberals. This country's economy is not what it used to be for one simple reason: no one can agree on anything anymore.

You are a catalyst for the economic downfall of the United States, but of course you don't care, as long as your children report back what you've taught them, like the little automatons they now are, and make you feel loved and intelligent. At least adults can decide for themselves which side of the political spectrum they believe in, children don't have that luxury.

So I ask politely that if you continue to write, write articles for newspapers, or write adult literature, or write children's books that don't preach to them that which they cannot truly understand yet.

As long as there are books like yours, Republicans and Democrats will only be driven farther and farther apart. It saddens me that you are so immature as to write a book like this, especially while it is me, a 17 year old, pointing out that you are, in fact, being a little baby.
If you were a liberal, I'd still be sending you this message.

Thanks very much, I hope you seriously consider what I have to say.

Well,, no, we don't think we'll seriously consider what you have to say. It's dumb. But on the other hand, it would make a great essay for an Ivy League school admissions packet, since your comments ooze with that endearing combination of naivete, ignorance and earnestness that admissions officers seem to really, really like. 17, huh? You need to rack up more Playstation hours, dude.


The Title should be Help! Kids there are Conservatives in the White House.
You are so off base. I work as an advocate for families and children with special health care needs. You need to do your research.

Actually, we have done our research...extensive amounts. And what we've discovered is that we have no idea what your point is, unless it's a sly way of letting us know that, under the current Republican regime, Very Important Persons such as Advocates for Families and Children with Special Health Care Needs just aren't being given the Respect and of course Money that they deserve.

Well, Beth, to paraphrase the immortal words of RINO Mike Bloomberg, "We can't do everything." He, of course, was speaking about why he was in support of building a new sports stadium in Manhattan to the tune of $400 million+ in tax breaks when the bilious NYC public school system was drowning in red ink. Bloomberg understands that when you build buildings it creates jobs and tax revenue, and of course when people use the buildings, that generates jobs and tax revenue-meaning that in the end, there's more tax money to spend on schools, and on Very Important People like you. That's logic simple enough for even a liberal to understand.

Quite frankly though, we just like the "We can't do everything" part.


Will you damn Republif*cks stop raping Democracy!!! Hillary Clinton isn't responsible for Katrina. Hillary Clinton isn't responsible for the slaughter of millions of Iraqis and thousands of our tropps. (sic) Hillary Clinton isn't responbile (sic) for 9/11. So go on and f*cking take the guns you NRA wingnuts so love and blast your right wing crap filled heads off.

Hmm. Yet another liberal with issues. Well, James, in the immortal words of General Honore, a guy who would kick your butt from one end of town to the other, "Don't get stuck on stupid"...

a) Nature created Katrina (Karl Rove was busy that day.)
b) Hillary voted FOR the US military's intervention in Iraq, and has, in fact, continued to support the war to this day. So if we want to get technical about it, she's very much responsible for what goes on there, good and bad.
c) A guy named Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. Ever hear of him?
d) something called the Second Amendment, a rumor of which may have circulated through your pointed little head at some time, acknowledges the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. Think you're smarter than the Founders, Jimmah boy? Think again.


On your new product - "Do You Have Liberals Under your Bed" - No , but we have fascists buried in our pasture. Have a nice day.

Whatever you say. From your apparent standpoint, wouldn't facists being buried in a pasture be a good thing? We're confused, but hey, muddled thinking is a hallmark of liberalism, so you clearly fit right in. Maybe you could help Greggie in the above post with his college admissions essay. The two of you together should be a slam-dunk for at least one Harvard admission, easy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It figures that people would say things like that; all those comments don't surprise me one bit at all. Ms. DeBrecht is playing with fire. It's bad enough how no one gets along anymore, and now we feel as though we have to include the children in this war before the public schools can "turn them liberal", something that I've never fully understood. My point is that you will always have people who don't appreciate your opinions, but everyone has the right to disagree with something they do not believe is just. While I have a deep amount of sympathy for those who are constantly ridiculed by others, I have very little pity for Ms. DeBrecht. She wrote this book KNOWING that it would cause controversy, and because of that I cannot say much. Your words have consequences, and that is that.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Evyn said...

"we don't think we'll seriously consider what you have to say. It's dumb."

That is the response you made towards toward a well thought out post regarding your book.
"Help! Mom!...etc"

This is astounding and confusing in a way that I have never encountered before. This Children's Book is meant to skew children's views of liberals and show them in an evil light. Not all people who take the stance of liberal are bad, neither are the ones who take the stance of republican. Just because someone is a 'liberal' doesn't make them evil. I'd like to be able to have a discussion about this with Ms. Debrecht if she is available. I'm curious about what she's gone through to come to this "all liberals are evil". my email is

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard you on the Thom Hartmann radio show. I have to say you are about the most simplistic unitelligent guest i ever heard on his show. You sounded like an ignorant little child speaking to einstein trying to teach him about physics. There is something seriously wrong with you rightwingers like an extra chromasone or self inflicted retardation. I don't normally insult on purpose but you are about the stupidiest cunt i ever heard. Dont take this the wrong way but it's true. You are in the same league as Kelly Anne Fitzpatrick and Ann Coulter. Just self deluded stupid cunts that think you know something which you will never ever be able to grasp. Even the simplest concept doesn't register through your wasted grey matter that you cannot see for it if your life depended on it. Because you cannot unable to see that Reagan spent more than Clinton ever did while Clinton took us into surplus. Now little George has spent allmost as much as all admins combined then you are a hopeless case. For that reason you really are retarded and a very very stupid cunt. Don't take it personally the truth.

Good luck but i doubt that will ever work for someone as far gone as you.

6:52 AM  
Blogger juliep123 said...

Anonymous #2, while I find your language and grammar to be atrocious, I must say that I agree with you. I just heard Katharine DeBrecht talking to Mark Levine about the Pledge of Allegiance (via ) and I must say, she sounded like a 17-year old (not just her voice, but her choice of words as well. I’m fairly young, and my speech is much more sophisticated than hers, no offense). Mr. Levine kept giving her decent arguments, and yet she did not have decent answers. Some people just don't have good debating skills in them.
Evyn, I'd also like to know where Ms. DeBrecht gets the idea that anyone with a liberal philosophy is "evil". As much as I despise the Religious Right, I know that not all of them are necessarily "evil" at all, so I understand what you mean to the fullest extent.
Anonymous #1 has it right on the money. By writing this book, Ms. DeBrecht is indeed playing with fire, so I more than expected her to get burned. I had to take a shot at her book simply because she was practically asking for someone (or many people, for that matter) to give her a damn good whacking. I must admit that I say some pretty insulting stuff once in a while, but guess what? If someone fires something back at me, I know I deserve it. That’s just life, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you don’t want to get b**** slapped then don’t be a jerk. That should come across as pretty obvious to anyone with the least amount of logic.
P.S. I can’t wait until “Help! Mom! Hollywood is in my Hamper!” comes out. Oh, do I ever want to read it!

6:04 PM  
Blogger THOMAS JOSHUA said...

As a Liberal Democrat, I applaud your work. Hillary, Teddy and the other so-called democrats are really insane dumocrats who are destroying America with their deadly values. Perhaps Zell Miller and I are the only democrats left in America who have any common sense.



3:05 PM  
Anonymous Don B said...

juliep123 finally said something that really appealed to me. We closet conservatives that pose as "Libertarians" love it when great discoveries are made. People are not basically "evil". Evil just exists and we make choices. All who somehow attribute knowledge or authority to "celebrity" have chosen a path that allows some "evil" people to spread their venom. I've never before seen this website, nor made a web comment. I spend way to much time reading books. I am really looking forward to "Help There's a Hollywood Type in My Hamper!" When will it be published? Dear Ann Coulter do you see how much the Liberals sound like you when they begin using sleazy names for people?

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bwahahahahaha!! This is the kind of convoluted thought process that makes you guys HILARIOUS at parties!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Amelia's Voice said...

Frankly, I do get your point. It's not good, at all, to be "liberal" on any issue. It is a good idea to raise your children on homespun values; like a V.P. and Pres who raise the bar of these values for the nation with G.D. and F.U. on a regular basis.

10:09 AM  

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