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Friday, September 02, 2005

World Ahead titles generate lots of ink

There's nothing like publishing books from a conservative point of view to generate controversy...but hey! We like it that way. That's the point, in fact.

Here's a sample of the mail that came in this week.


"I am sure that the victims of Katrina are just dying to "Thank you Mr. President."

-- While they're at it, they should thank their weepy Democratic governor and inept Democratic mayor. Is their stellar performance under pressure the reason why people are pleading that Rudy Guiliani - a Republican - take charge? Just asking. At a time when people should be working together, the Democrats seem intent on assigning blame. There will be plenty to go around. Stop whining and start working.

"Thank you president Bush". This website is nothing more then absolute propaghanda. I hope god forgives you all for supporting this evil bastard we call our president. Everyday people are waking up to the lies of the republicans. Enjoy the power while you have it because America wont stand for it much longer, hold the election today and Bush would'nt have a chance in hell of winning, but don't worry, I'm sure your president will have he's chance in hell afterall."

--Uh, right. Good luck with the vision thing, dude - your dexterity with language is breathtaking, so much so that if the election had been held today, I'd have voted for you for President, Matty boy. Right after drinking a few six-packs and getting an in-home lobotomy.


"Does your writer, Candace Jackson, know the only reference Google has under her name is a porn star? I thought it was quite fitting, really.
I surely don't condone the Clinton/Monica bit but I do object to "liberalism ...focuses on group rights rather than individual rights" when conservatives do the same thing. the abortion issue, for example. And re "liberalism ... permits political force to be used to accomplish all goals" - what does she think is gong on in Washiington now? And how about the "you're either with us or against us and not patriotic"? I particularly don't like the lying you seem to be condoning. For example, the children's book "Hey Mom, there's liberals under my bed" telling kids Kennedy will tax their lemonade stand (he couldn't even if he wanted to - it's the Congress) and that Sen.Clinton will outlaw sugary drinks. That's preposterous and outright lying - and to innocent little children. Shame........"

-- We entered several names into some of the web's more valuable porn name generators. Results included 'Annette Steel,' 'Donna Cummings,' and 'Rhonda Throb.' Jane, I'm sorry, but the name Candice Jackson never appeared. However, we do have a new name for you...Barbie Hump. We'll be sure to pass it along to Bill Clinton, just to save you the trouble.


"You are spreading fear, hatred, and stupidity. I can't wait to get my hands on you."

-- This was signed 'Jesus Christ.' Probably an imposter, and clearly one who hasn't read the book which is coming out Sept. 20th. The real Jesus Christ is actually very positively represented in 'HELP! MOM!' But just for the sake of decorum, we won't run the imposter's assumed identity through the porn name generator.

"New ideas for you!

Help! Mom! There are Women Who Won't Bow Down to Men Under My Bed!

Help! Mom! There are People Who Question the Government Under My Bed!

Help! Mom! There are Citizens Who Think for Themselves Under My Bed!

Help! Mom! There are Citizens Who Understand Science Under My Bed!

Help! Mom! There are Christians Who are Opposed to War Under My Bed!

Help! Mom! There are People Who Think Owning an AK-47 is a Stupid and Danger Thing That Probably Means You are Having Erectile Difficulties Under My Bed!"

-- Buck - and it's almost embarrassing to admit that our favorite dog's nickname is 'Buck' - if you had actually read HELP! MOM! instead of speaking out of ignorance, you'd discover that all that brainpower you expended in an effort to come up with witless retorts was energy wasted. Go play with your Game Boy or watch 'The Daily Show' and calm down. Actually reading books and then commenting on them requires effort. Don't exert yourself.


Blogger juliep123 said...

Actually, there is a porn star named Candice Jackson (I looked it up on Google just now). I hate to say it, but people DO react in fairly negative ways to literature they don’t like (just look at the treatment you’re giving “No, George, No!” and “It’s Just a Plant”.) I do agree with Buck’s comments, I must say. Now that I’ve read “Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under my Bed” your same words to him can no longer apply to my little “review”. But you are right with one point: people need to examine something more before they go ahead and make a judgment about it. (My review does not apply to that; I did not change my thoughts after reading the little children’s book. In fact, reading it only heightened my past skepticism.)

4:47 PM  

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