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Monday, September 19, 2005

More 'Help! Mom!' Fun

'Help! Mom! is coming out tomorrow (Sept. 20th) and the invective is flying! Let's check out today's mailbag...

Can't we find anything better to have our children read than forcing them to have the same ideals as ours? Shouldn't we want them to have the "freedom" to think "liberally" for themselves without mom and dad adding to the already mix of messages they are oversatuated with? C'mon. "Liberals under my bed?". Really...

In the first place Effrin - and if that's really your name, well, we can see where some of your issues stem from - no one is 'forcing' anyone to do anything. Children should indeed have the right to read things, or be read things from every perspective. Unfortunately, that perspective, at least when it comes to the books being made available by publishers, has been overwhelmingly liberal for the last 30 years or so...or have you not noticed that 'oversaturation?'As is usually the case with liberals, all viewpoints are long as they kowtow to the party line. Well, we ain't 'towing' any more. Deal with it.

Someone has to be really f**ked in the head to write a book designed to brainwash children from day one into their parents political dogma.

There might be liberals under the bed...but there's probably alot more conservatives, in the closet.

Wow Dave, that's harsh. So harsh. That reference to 'conservatives in the closet'...well, we're quaking here, waiting for the thought police to come by and sort through our skeletons.

Ever hear of a 'red-diaper baby', Dave? Those were kids whose parents were confirmed Communists or socialists, who were imbued in those discredited, perverted dogmas from day one, forced to go to camp and school with other such unfortunates, and never given a chance to develop their own possibly more rational political beliefs. What's your throught on that? Or is the fact that the little darlings were recruited into fighting what we're sure you consider to be 'the good fight' from Day One justify what really is an ongoing form of child abuse? Way different from a book or two from a different viewpoint, wouldn't you say?

How many flavas of tic~tacs are the Skittles Breaux zzzzz II Bagz of new juice pops snd soda crakkatoas. Rove

We're printing this one in it's entirety just for you, Wieslaw (maybe you and Effrin should hook up.) We're assuming the 'Rove' you're referring to is Karl Rove, but since the rest makes zero sense - typical of so many liberal missives - we're just going to let the message stand on its own multi-hued merits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Red Diaper Doper Baby. Seems like you like to listen to HATE speech on the radio too! Why don't you write a book on it? Call it Hi, I'm Michael Savage and I want to Stretch Your Daddy's Tattoo into a Lampshade?

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only multi-hued merit I see coming out of you is "black" like the blindfold you wear to block out the truth. God forbid any of that get in and enlighten your skull.

3:05 AM  

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