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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Environmentalism's Role in the New Orleans Flood

Liberals are dancing on New Orleans' grave with glee, chanting how this tragedy proves the need for the U.S. to ratify the anti-growth Kyoto agreement on global warming. In between their race-bating and calls for tax hikes, there have been plenty of liberals who have been quoted as saying that global warming caused this hurricane to lay waste to the Gulf. To wit:

"Global warming was responsible for this disaster," [Rev. Jesse] Jackson told reporters during a brief tour in which he held prayer sessions and paused often to have his photograph taken… Jackson cut short his tour as word filtered down from his staff that Oprah Winfrey had arrived and wanted to interview him.

Besides the dogma in Jackson's claim--when was the last time he spoke of the saving grace of Jesus Christ with such a lack of ambiguity?--the crassness of what he is doing in the media is transparent. (Yes, the part about Oprah is indeed in the original Metro News article.) But the willingness of left-wingers to take to the public airwaves to preach their environmentalist message while people drown is going to backfire.

It turns out that environmentalism played more than a small role in setting the stage for the tragedy in New Orleans, and it may ultimately be revealed to have had a direct role. John Berlau over at National Review Online has written a great piece exposing the role environmentalists have plaid in obstructing flood control nation-wide--and in Louisiana in particular.

So while the science of global warming is far from settled (except for the absurdity of claims that Bush's rejection of Kyoto caused Hurricane Katrina), let's take this opportunity to continue the conversation that liberals have so crassly started and attempt to understand just how damaging their extremist environmental beliefs have been.

Read John Berlau's op-ed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when and where Jesse Jackson was ordained. I am not at all sure he is a "reverend"

7:57 AM  
Blogger Eric M. Jackson said...

Hello, Anonymous,

No, I have no idea where Jesse was ordained, but his flawless iambic pentameter suggests he spent a little too much time reading Green Eggs and Ham instead of the Good Book during his years in seminary.

2:53 PM  

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