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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Missed Story of Katrina

After watching the events of the last couple days in New Orleans, my heart has gone out to the people of all of the Gulf States, especially New Orleans, where things have sunk to the lowest of lows; where even a helicopter rescuing children from a children’s hospital was shot at by thugs.

Although many politicians and pundits would like to play the blame game, I would like to point out a very important angle of this whole story. I am not minimizing the incredible effort by Americans for their amazing response to the needs of the people of New Orleans and elsewhere. Americans have huge hearts and it is apparent again today. I cannot, however, ignore the incredible contribution the US Military has made in this tragedy.

At a critical moment in this on-going tragedy, the only salvation the people of New Orleans had, and the only group to get the job done, was the United States Military. All you have to do is look at the turn-around in events since the National Guard appeared on this horrendous scene. More people are being rescued, food and water are becoming available to those who have had nothing in days, and the violence seems to be subsiding. The smiles on the faces of evacuees being loaded into military helicopters is just one picture of the many things that our military is doing to improve conditions in the area; something that couldn’t be done until the US Military arrived.

I wonder what Sen. Durbin and others on the left would have to say about the brave men and women who have voluntarily signed up (yes, some on college campuses) to serve their country. Are they still comparing them to Nazis? To members of the Gulag? I guarantee you, many refugees would prefer to have been housed in Club Gitmo rather than the Superdome. I am sure Cindy Sheehan’s group is disappointed that their message has been drowned out by Katrina.

As much as the left demonizes the military, the military has always responded with a sense of honor and duty to protect and rescue American citizens, regardless of political views, social standing, and, yes, race.

Watching things slowly turning around in New Orleans and elsewhere, I think we all need to stop and thank God for our military, who selflessly pack-up, leave their families and risk their lives to save and protect people whom they have never met or who even attempt to discredit them as Nazis or Gulags. No matter, they will be rescued and protected regardless.

To all of you who serve in the military around the world, I offer my heart-felt thanks for your voluntary service to our country. Most Americans do not label you as Nazis or members of the Gulag, etc.; we call you heroic fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, who give their lives to make the world a better place. For this, we offer you our thanks.


Blogger juliep123 said...

Just like the liberals in your funny book, Ms. DeBrecht, I find what you say to be less than fact and almost laughable. Since when has the political left ever "demonized" the US military? Knowing your unquenchable need to always be right in whatever you say, I can tell that you will most certainly denounce me as wrong and ignorant for saying this: I know many "liberals" who do support the troops (yes, you can support the military and despise the president at the same time). The two are not joined at the hip. The military did not choose to go to war themselves; Bush did. I understand that the military is only there to protect the country and not terrorize it, and I know many people who you would label as "liberals" who agree with me.
I shake my head at someone who goes on the radio to complain about Hurricane Katrina being used as a political weapon to lash out at the Right and then turns around and uses it as a weapon to attack the left. As long as your beliefs control every single thought in your head you will never be able to realize your own hypocrisy.
It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad world, isn’t it?

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Danica said...

Julie, Julie, Julie...

I suppose you do not remember Sen. Turbin Durbin comparing our men and women in uniform to Nazis and the gulags? You want the military to cut and run in Iraq just like they did under Clinton in Somalia. You want them to lose. Not because you care about our military, you care more about making President Bush look bad. You say you "support our troops" but you would rather them lose in Iraq by admitting defeat by the terrorists that feed off of every word you on the left spew. Al Jazeera enjoyed broadcasting Sen. Durbin's comments. What a lesson terrorists will learn if we cut and run, as we did in Somalia. But then again, you on the left care more about your "feel good", "understand the be-headers" and sing Kum-by-yah to them, rather than the realty that these people want to kill us.

My husband served in the military, as well as my father and my brother who is currently serving. Please explain to me how you "support our troops" but want to see them lose and die in vain.

With regards to Katrina,seeing an incompetent mayor and governor blame the federal government for their failings was too rich. I believe their biggest fear was having the nation see that years of a corrupt and liberal system yielded nothing for the people of LA except that a "government will take care of you" mentality. When push came to shove, you can see the what the LA government did for these people - zip. A real tragedy of liberalism in this country. As long as your intentions are good, and you feel so superior and important, who cares about the results? 40 years of the "Great Society" has accomplished nothing, yet you on the left feel so elitist you continue to push your failed agenda because it makes you "feel good" and superior to regular folks who go out in the real world and work and not hide in Universities. Nevermind the results of your failed policies.

You on the left are so angry these days, because you have no new ideas, cannot win at the ballot box (so you run to activist judges), and cannot explain how your "feel good" policies have failed so miserably. No wonder you are trying to change your name to "progressive" rather than "liberal".

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Missed Story about Katrina:

I am African American, and though I don't consider myself a conservative, I do think conservatives have SOME good ideas. Anyway, I was angry over the coverage of Katrina because so much of the reporting by the so-called "liberal" media emphasized the lawlessness of a small minority. The fact is, the majority of the individuals left homeless by Katrina were the working poor, people with limited resources to begin with, people who lost everything and are still suffering.

When will the media ever get it right?

7:26 AM  

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