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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican National Convention Tuesday Night Speakers

September 1: "Garden Party"
The speeches:

Last night, the speeches went from the sublime to the ridiculous. Governor Arnold Schwarzengger was simply electrifying, hitting all the right themes about what a great country this was, and how immigrants are welcome into this country and the GOP with open arms. He seemed strong, principled, optimistic - he was the anti-Kerry. No wonder he scored big.

Unfortunately, the planning committee tapped the Bush twins to follow this act. Experienced public speakers would have had a hard time following Schwartzenegger and suffice it to say their inexperience showedTheir routine felt more appropriate to MTV than a political convention. However, Laura Bush was next.

Laura Bush followed her daughters, and I thought she was really good: probably the best speech from a First Lady I've heard in a long time. The Garden was still filled with the excitement that Arnold generated, and quite simply, they all loved her speech. Unlike Hillary and Teresa Heinz, Laura basically talked about us, the American people, how her husband's policies affect us - and women in particular. I suspect that we'll see a lift in the polls tomorrow, as both of the major speakers scored.

Aman Verjee is Director for Strategic Planning of a Silicon Valley Company and is the Editor of Thank You, President Bush, which is on sale now.


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